What Would D-Mac Do


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mobile Failcakes

So AT&T is making some inroads with other tablet developers...safe bet right?

I didn't really pay attention to this OpenPeak thing when it debuted, but it looks like it came right on the heels of the iPad announcement, which is fair play. The dirt here has some bad vibes though.

While I'm all for not introducing new languages and user paradigms that developers have to figure out, why on earth is this thing being based around Adobe Flash? Especially when there's something like html5 floating about? We're already seeing the design idiosyncrasies that Flash brought to the table start to peter off in overall web development with the ways our clients are developing sites (save for a few agencies who still think that ambiguous navigation and little spinning things and websites that look like big Pixar productions are what users want).

See, I think this tablet thing that the iPad is bringing to the general public sphere of awareness goes a lot deeper than Apple dropping a big ipod touch on the public. The whole user-paradigm could change. It'll take competitors of the thing to really make it happen. When Dell launches their tablet and people like Openpeak. But they need to take steps forward, and not build the whole framework around a dying technology. Well that and price it competitively...lest the OpenPeak goes the way of the TurboGraphix 16.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sorry it's been a couple weeks since I updated. Nothing really newsworthy other than Facebook outpacing Google...which is somehow a shock to people who otherwise shouldn't be surprised by obvious trends like this. I have nothing to add to that particular conversation other than some pithy "no shit Sherlock" sentiment.

That said, my friend/colleague Matt Ballek posted his presentation from SMX West on video optimization. This is a great primer if you're thinking about rankings as they pertain to video...as well as some food for thought for folks for vets as well.