What Would D-Mac Do


Friday, September 16, 2011

Site Categories and SEO

I've been working with a lot of higher level strategy and one of the things we've been concerned with is site categorization. It occurred to me that not much has been said about how categorization can be used in a SEO strategy. The funny thing is that understanding how things categorically play together (or against each other as the case may be) is actually pretty important in a number of different ways. I decided I'd take it upon myself to walk through the various ways you can use categorized site data to inform you day to day SEO projects as well as higher level strategy. I plan on this being a 5-6 part series. I was going to put a post on it here, but since I wrote it out in a word doc, I put the PDF of the first section here. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Webmaster Tools sees sub-domains as internal links

This is extremely helpful for our larger sites. While I've relied increasingly on SEOmoz's linkscape for backlink analysis, it's nice for Google to recognize the difference. Wonder what this looks like for all the people who didn't buy vanity domains for their Blogspot accounts? :-)

More than likely, this is to curb hub pages and diminish the sentiment that link profiles for sub domains are treated as separate entities (I've never seen any real evidence of this, but that hasn't stopped the peanut gallery from suggesting it). But all in all, it does help see the trees from the forest for our sites with half a billion subdomains.