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Monday, December 14, 2009

Ho ho ho let's try this again.

After many false starts and pretenses of talking about something that doesn't involve making a spectacle of myself (and let's be honest, we know that'll happen again), I finally launched my search blog.

There are two reasons for launching this. First, I wanted to play with the Google Gadgets. So this is like an ongoing whiteboard/experiment. I'm quite versed with Movabletype and Wordpress (well not so much), but this is a new endeavor for me. Even as I set it up, I find the 'ease-of-use' almost shockingly difficult if you're already used to another frame of reference for managing a blog. It's not that things are complicated, it's that so much work is taken out of the equation here, I'm like..."gee, all you have to do is whack a button, I kind of wish I still had 3 steps". Workflow is workflow you know what I mean?

The other reason is that as I continue on in my career (and I'm long in the tooth nowadays by most marketeers standards and people my age), I am constantly amazed at the various wonders/plunders as our once-cottage industry of Search Engine Optimization continues to become big business (that's the Eaten by Giants part). I don't mean that as a good or bad thing persay..just that as budgets grow, technologies advance and more cooks are in the kitchen...things change. I'm not like, nostalgic for the past or anything, but I certainly do find myself going "man, back in the day, we wouldn't have minded the bullocks" or "Man, remember when pulling this data took like, 3 months and cost a fortune?".

Anyway, I still owe posts to FindResolution.com so you'll find me there in my usual 'old man shouting at the clouds' style.

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