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Monday, November 22, 2010

Google TV Fail?

Well if this isn't encouraging

I agree with Andy's premise that essentially, this is old media defending it's territory, but I disagree that this all boils down to some petty arrogant big-kid-on-the-block bullshit.

Rather, this appears to be consistent with how Rurpert Murdoch approached Google (fat lot of good that did him really). Ultimately these two parties WILL play nice, but the fact is, the old media simply doesn't move at the pace companies like Google would like them to.

In the end, Google TV is still in geek-only land. That is, I don't see this as something the mainstream will embrace until the prices are competitive. There's already Apple TV, which while not entirely the same product, certainly warrants enough similar features to be an attractive alternative for those looking to get all webby and two point oh-y about our their television.

Prediction: Viacom networks stay off Google TV until the product pricing and model availability is so widespread that they are forced to play nice. I think until these companies can guarantee their shareholders that users streaming their content won't affect profitability, they'll stay off the whole cloud-tv thing (if that's not a term, I'm coining it). Between now and whenever that is, I suspect those profit-ability plans are being developed. It's not that it WON'T happen...they just aren't ready yet.

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