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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bing doesn't index 302 redirects

This post on SEOrountable pulled up a post from the Bing Community thread wherein they just out and said 302 redirects are not indexed.

Well this definitely explains a few things for some of my clients. I don't understand the logic behind this on Bing's part. I would guess this is more of a technology thing than somebody over at Bing saying "hey, we don't like those temporary things, howzabout we just throw the whole lot out?".

Ultimately, I can't see how this will be the law of the land for Bing going forward. There's so many CMS's and tools out there that temporarily redirect things without the user even really intending for it to be so. I mean, not associating history to a temporarily redirected link is one thing. Throwing it entirely out of the index is entirely something else.

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