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Friday, February 26, 2010

Google's Secret Plan?

This article in the Motley Fool came down the pike on Wednesday. Go ahead and read it, but the gist is basically that the author thinks Google's endeavors in energy and its license to be an energy vendor is actually laying the groundwork for it to be a content provider in your living room (aka, they want to control the TV). The author suggests that one day, you might have a wee Google box wherein all your content is funneled through like your Direct TV one. He cites Nexus One as proof that Google isn't afraid to jump into the hardware world anymore.

That's a valid line of thinking to be certain. Not sure I'd buy the idea that Google is going to make the leap from the content organization realm to the content publishing realm though. I see this being more of a partnership with OnDemand, DirectTV or some distributer of that ilk.

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